Tag Flash

Adds an amazing tag cloud using a flash animation.


  • Author: Gwénaël Després
  • Contributors: Nikrou


Bugs and features requests


Recent Changes

[3335] by nikrou on 01/22/15 12:34:24

  • Add default values for width, height, colors at first installation.
  • Update widget options
  • Fix CR for some files Thanks to brol <contact@…> for all theses points.

[3307] by nikrou on 04/13/14 18:55:01

Small fixes (breacrumb does not exist in doclear prior to 2.6; missing default tab).

[3306] by nikrou on 04/13/14 16:34:06

Update plugin for dotclear 2.6 (breacrumb, help) Fix html, js. Change colorPicker to spetrum plugin Special thanks to Brol.


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