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dotclear 2.2 compatibility


private categories

prvcat allows setting categories as private. In admin area, we can set or or more categories as private, and associate them a password. When a post belongs to a private category, it is automatically password protected.

private category are listed on blog main page, but you cannot access them without password. Once you have entered correct password, you can get access to all posts in private categories. You also get private url to posts of this category.

You can still manage private posts in non private categories with the standard dotclear method.

Prvcat is compatible with dotclear 2.0, and with dotclear 2.2 nightlies (as of end of April 2010).

Current known limitations

  • There is only one password for all private categories. So, you cannot set different passwords for different private categories.
  • There is no rss for private posts comments.


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