Turn your blog into a planet (aggregate feeds from other blogs).



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[1894] by Osku on 11/22/09 16:58:18

Planet - Closes quickly #232

[1765] by kozlika on 10/26/09 22:12:32

Planet: Typo. Suppr. lignes vides en fin de fichiers PHP.

[1160] by Osku on 05/08/09 18:38:46

Planet: fix compatibility with dcCron


To enable this plugin, fill the form in Planet page (found under "planet" menu).

Each line in the textarea should be a feed URL. Every posts found in feeds will be added as a Dotclear post. If a line begins with "#", the feed won't be read. Every post created is published immediately except if feed URL begins with a "-".

To retrieve feeds on a regularly basis, you need to call the script cron-script.php via a cron task. This script accepts the following arguments:

  • -d Dotclear root (path to your Dotclear installation)
  • -c Configuration file path
  • -b Blog ID
  • -u User ID to create posts

For example:

/srv/share/dotclear/plugins/planet/cron-script.php -d /srv/share/dotclear -c /srv/share/dotclear/inc/config.php -b ''planet'' -u ''john''

This script will create posts owned by john in blog with ID planet for a Dotclear installation in /srv/share/dotclear with a configuration file in /srv/share/dotclear/inc/config.php.

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