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[3042] by Tomtom33 on 05/16/11 15:07:28

tag notifications 1.2.1

[3041] by Tomtom33 on 05/16/11 15:06:56

notifications 1.2.1

  • Fixed installation workaround
  • Updated license block

[2884] by Tomtom33 on 01/17/11 12:13:48

tag notifications 1.2


Add component

You have to call the behavior notificationsRegister and follow this sample for callback function:

public static function registerComponents($components)
	$components[] = array($id,$title,$icon);

Parameters are:

  • $id is the unique component ID
  • $title is the display title of component
  • $icon is the relative URL to the component icon. You can avoid this parameter, notification plugin will take in that case the icon located in index.php?pf=$id/icon.png

Add notification

First, you have to create an array:

$n = array($msg,$component,$type);

Parameters are:

  • $msg is the message to be displayed. You can create HTML message.
  • $component is the component ID under notification will be display. The component has to exists. If not, the notifications will be ignored
  • $type is the type of notification:
    • new to display something new
    • upd to display something updated
    • del to display something deleted
    • msg to display a message
    • err to display an error
    • spam to display something considering as spam

Then, add this notification by calling the behavior notificationsSender:


And that's it!

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