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Newsletter manager


  • Author: kwon
  • Contributors:
  • Author (original author to version 3.4.2): Olivier Le Bris


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newsletter 3.9.5

[3288] by kwon on 01/31/14 21:38:20

correction droits

[3279] by kwon on 11/28/13 22:00:45

newsletter 3.9.4


User manual :

Threaded plugin support on  forum

Update note :
For update from 3.5.(4..12) or + (3.6.x, 3.7.x) :

  • Nothing to do

For update from 3.5.(1..3) to 3.5.12 :

  • Note the values assigned to the various settings of the plugin
  • Export users on the maintenance tab of the plugin
  • Save the generate file from the public directory to a personal backup directory
  • Install the last version of plugin
  • Using the erasing module in the maintenance tab of the plugin
  • Click on Control Panel to install the new version
  • Replace the saved file to point 2 in the public directory
  • Import data
  • Replace the values of setting up

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