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myForms is a plugin that adds custom form handling to dotclear

General use

Each form is defined by a template file named <formID>.myforms.html where <formID> is a unique identifier for the form. These template file shall be located in usual template locations (e.g. in the 'tpl' folder of a theme).

A form is invoked with the following URL :

http://theblogurl/index.php?form/<formId> (QUERY_STRING)
http://theblogurl/form/<formId> (PATH_INFO)

Form display is handled by a generic 'myforms.html' template file. A default implementation for this template is provided in the 'default-templates' folder of the plugin : myforms.html.


The following examples will guide you through form definition :

  • hello : a simple "hello world"-like form
  • database : forms that create and update database records
  • email? : form that send emails
  • screens? : navigation between forms

Tag reference

Here is the reference documentation for defining forms using dedicated template tags.

  • core : core set of tags for form definition
  • fields : set of fields that can be part of a form
  • database? : database access
  • email? : emailing

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