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Displays entries grouped by categories / meta-tags / alphanumeric



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Custom template

If you want to custimize multitoc layout to adapt it to your theme or change some stuff, you can do it thanks to Dotclear theme legacy. The only thing to do is to provide multitoc.html file and put it in your theme folder. Dotclear will use your template if it exists.

Custom CSS stylesheet

Like custom template, you can change and use your CSS stylesheet by put multitoc.css file in your theme folder

Template tags

You can customize display of some template tags listed below :

  • {{tpl:MultiTocItemDate}}
  • {{tpl:MultiTocItemAuthor}}
  • {{tpl:MultiTocItemCategory}}
  • {{tpl:MultiTocItemNbComments}}
  • {{tpl:MultiTocItemNbTrackbacks}}

For each of them, you have to use option mask. %s represents the real content. There is an example with a {{tpl:MultiTocItemAuthor}} tag :

# Will returns HTML code : <span class="tagada"><a href="author_link">author_name</a></span>
{{tpl:MultiTocItemAuthor mask="<span class=\"tagada\">%s</span>" }}

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