This plug-in allow you to use some micro-blogging services directly within Dotclear.

With this plugin, you can :

  • Manually send message from the Dotclear admin pages to 1 or more account of 1 or more services
  • Automatically send message each time you post a new blog entry.
  • Display your status on your blog trough a widget

This plugin support the above services :



This plugin is currently in Beta stage.

Download the current Beta Release : Micro-Blogging 0.3

Known issues :

  • (fixed) The widget do not manage the Dotclear cache and is not refreched unless the blog is changing.
  • There is an issue with planified post which do not send notes.

Version 1.0

Plan to be the first stable release.

  • Admin : Send note to any service available
  • Admin : Auto send note on new blog post to any service available
  • Public : Widget available to display a user or user's friends lifestream
  • Service supported :

Version 1.x

Implementation of new service depend on users requests or contributions

  • Admin : Display user lifestream and allow to delete some note previously send
  • Public : Add of the "life" URL scheme to have pages that combine user's lifestream
  • New service supported :

Version 2

Add support for non text services such as Flickr or YouTube


Bugs and features requests


Recent Changes

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Micro-Blogging 0.3

  • make behaviors PHP 5.3 ready
  • Clear blog cache every 10 min (necessary for widget. This need improvement)
  • Add new post message customization in admin


coming soon


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