iPhoneView lets you display an iPhone version of your blog to specifics url (/iphone/). You can modify the design theme. Home, post, categories and tags pages are available. Visitor can disable mobile theme, normal theme will be displayed



I'm looking for a designer who would create a free iPhone theme to include by default inside this plugin. I've adapted a Wordpress design which differs a lot standard Dotclear templates.

Bugs and features requests


Recent Changes

[1446] by hadrien on 09/10/09 23:48:05

fix methode currentUrl

[1125] by hadrien on 04/30/09 08:41:07

fix current url variable

[1104] by hadrien on 04/28/09 22:34:53

fix scroll onload on default theme


To make your own theme, just add an 'iphone' folder into your theme folder, and copy all files includes into default-template plugin's folder.

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