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Links shortener

Short links for your blog



  • This plugin is under GNU-GPL 2.0 license.
  • You can (and should) commit fix about typo/minor bug whitout my perm


Bugs and features requests


Recent Changes

[1649] by kozlika on 10/24/09 10:23:27


[1481] by JcDenis on 09/23/09 17:19:21

dcMiniUrl 0.4.1:

  • Fixed DC 2.1.6 URL handlers ending
  • Added type of mini URL in widget
  • Added import/export support

[1414] by JcDenis on 08/28/09 23:35:00

dcMiniUrl 0.3:

  • Fixed failed to delete miniurl from admin
  • Added option to limit short url to blog
  • Added postWidgetText support
  • Added _uninstall.php feature

Important note

I (JcDenis) stop dcMiniUrl, if someone would enhance it, he's welcome but another plugin do the same better, this plugin is called kUtRL.

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