DC1 Redirect

Dotclear 1.x URLs redirection



Once the plugin is installed you have to activate it on your blog. There is a checkbox on the settings page of a particular blog.

There is also an advanced configuration page that will help you to create some additionnal files that the plugin does not create by itself. This is for some kind of links: syndication feeds (RSS/Atom) and index by tag.



Bugs and features requests


Recent Changes

[3074] by dolmen on 08/09/11 01:30:37

Fixes the release script to make a zip that DC can understand

[3073] by dolmen on 08/09/11 01:28:03

Fix a problem with array_map that does not support the 'SORT_STRING' argument at hosting

[3072] by dolmen on 08/09/11 00:07:19

Version 2.0 of dc1_redirect

[3048] by dolmen on 05/30/11 07:29:18

Use new options to help custom migrations for people who want to keep DC1 and DC2 side-by site until the migration is finished: it's better if you can build your .htaccess while keeping the the old DC1 blog.

[3047] by dolmen on 05/30/11 07:13:43

New settings for dc1redirect: dc1_old_url, dc1_old_dc_url

[3030] by dolmen on 05/10/11 00:26:32

Add a release script.

[3017] by dolmen on 04/11/11 00:41:37

Set charset to iso-8859-15 for index.php.

[3016] by dolmen on 04/11/11 00:23:23

Major new feature: .htaccess generation for old DC1 tags URLs Reworked the page layout. TODO: localization

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