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[3348] by brol on 02/04/15 19:14:24

1.8.2 cosmétique et localisation

[3236] by Moe on 10/23/13 23:10:15

@ Reply 1.8.1:

  • Moved plugin to "Blog" sub-menu
  • Added dcPage::success($msg); for Dotclear 2.6
  • Removed useless <fieldset>
  • Added missing translation

[3235] by Moe on 10/22/13 23:37:43

@ Reply 1.8:

  • rewrote @ Reply Javascript, now better
  • force @ Reply image reload in administration
  • added note about cache
  • Dotclear 2.5 and 2.6 compatibility
  • removed useless translations



Arrows don't appear

You have to delete the template cache by using the Maintenance plugin. The code below must be present in the _head.html file of the blog's theme :

{{tpl:SysBehavior behavior="publicHeadContent"}}

The following code must be present in the <tpl:Comments> loop in the post.html file of the blog's theme :


How to change the style of the appended replies?

The CSS rules which apply to replies are defined at the end of the _public.php file of the plugin. To redefine them in the style sheet of your theme, you have to add #comments at the beginning of the CSS selectors. The following code remove the borders of the replies.

#comments .repliedCmt, #comments .replyCmt {border:none;}

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