The aim of this plugin is to display a thumbnail when hovering over a link in the blog posts.




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[3077] by Apercite on 08/20/11 12:43:12

[Apercite] Added apercite-original.js

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Create tag 1.2.2

[2763] by Apercite on 11/13/10 10:31:12

Update CHANGELOG and update plugin version 1.2.2


Once the plugin installed, you must go to the setup page of the plugin to activate it.

Thumbnails are generated by the Apercite service ( Apercite). The thumbnail is generated in 20 seconds. You can choose the thumbnail size between 19 predefined sizes. You also have the ability to enable or disable Javascript and Java when generating the thumbnail.

If you have a valid subsciption to the Apercite service, you can fill in you login and API key to request the update of the thumbnails. To do so, you need to tick the box in the edition interface of each post.

Feel free to contact me if you need help in finding the appropriate CSS attributes to display the thumbnails on your blog (don't forget to mention the blog URL).

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