Some rules to respect in this repository


To allow collaboration and future updates, each plugin or theme must be released with a valid license :

In each file, you have to put a license block in the header. Example with GNU GPL V2 :

# -- BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK ----------------------------------
# This file is part of <plugin name>, a plugin for Dotclear.
# Copyright (c) <year> <first name last name>
# <email addressl>
# Licensed under the GPL version 2.0 license.
# A copy of this license is available in LICENSE file or at
# -- END LICENSE BLOCK ------------------------------------

However, there are some exceptions :

  • *.js and *.css files can be included in public blog side. For this reason, you are not obligated to put license block in headers which would overweight public pages.
  • *.html files can have a license block in headers but it is not recommended.

Code convention

We try to improve the quality of plugins and themes present here. That is why we ask authors to be fair and respect these standards. If you don't, administrators will remind you to do so by email.

For plugins, we recommend authors to "minify" *.css and *.js files. For themes, we recommend authors to "minify" only *.js files. You can use the  wonderful script minify or webOptimizer plugin to do this.


Please  read this section to configure correctly your php installation and especially how to respect Dotclear coding standards. Please  read also this section about structure of Dotclear plugins. That is very important to respect.


In order to make a standard Dotclear theme, please follow  this section that describes HTML structure, and  this section about structure of Dotclear themes


Files present in repository can be modified by anyone with a write access on lab SVN in order to improve them. You have to understand that any creation can be modified and you are encouraged to do this too.

However, if you want to work on an plugin that you don't own, it is recommended to notify the author previously to any changes and work to an agreement.

Remember that if there should be a conflict, we can step back with the SVN versionning. Don't hesitate to contact administrators.

Mailing list

Use the  Netiquette.

In case of emergency

Don't hesitate to contact one of the administrators :

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