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Welcome to Dotclear Lab

Dotclear Lab is a community space dedicated to theme and plugin creators for Dotclear 2.

This means you, us…

  • Because many are stronger than one when facing a challenge.
  • Because we work better together.
  • Because we always learn from others.
  • Because we don't have all the skills.

Dotclear Lab was born from this idea: gathering plugin and theme creators within one human, lively community; having a place where theme and plugin experts will be able to help each other, find motivation and go forward. Interested? Join us in the adventure!


You need a account (independent from the forum account) to connect with this login and this password by clicking on Login at the top of the page or by clicking here. You are logged in.

Any idea for a new plugin or theme?

That's simple, check on this page if someone has already created a request for your same idea. If not and if you don't find any plugin or theme which fit your needs, make a request for a plugin or for a theme and contributors will study your proposal.

Report a bug or suggest a new feature for an existing theme or plugin

Go on the page of a plugin or a theme by clicking on one of the links below. On this page, click on Create a new ticket, a form appears to write a ticket. Tickets are used to inform contributors with a follow-up system and give a task.

Describe precisely the bug or the feature in the text field. In Summary, write a title which summarize the text. Click on Preview to preview the ticket and don't forget to click on Create ticket to save the ticket.

Joining Dotclear Lab

To register to Dotclear Lab, just follow these simple steps:

Check also the few lab rules and how to use lab tools by submitting your creations

Dotclear Lab contributors' projects


@ Reply Easily reply to comments.
Accessible Captcha An accessible captcha
Acronyms manager Add, remove and modify acronyms for the wiki syntax.
Activity report Receive activity report of your blog by email
Admin Example An example plugin for the Dotclear documentation
Adsense Management Plugin to integrate adsense advertising in a widget and in posts using a configuration interface
Advanced cleaner Make a huge cleaning of your dotclear
Advanced Tags List Choose tags to be displayed in tags widgets
Agora Some stuff to build a kind of forum
Alias Create aliases of your blog's URLs
All Blogs List Display a filtered list of blogs from a multiblog . Can be an unordered list or a drop-down menu.
Annuaire Provide a list of all blog in a multi-blog install
Anonymous Comment A plugin to quickly comment anonymously
ApcCache Blog pages cache using APC
Apercite The aim of this plugin is to display a thumbnail when hovering over a link in the blog posts.
ARC² It's still a mystery.
Arlequin Lets your visitors choose a theme.
Author Mode See entries by author, and provide author descriptions.
Auto Backup Make backups automatically
Bloc-Notes Display notebooks on the backend
Blog information Displays all information about your blog
Blog this! Create a post by clicking on a bookmarklet in your browser
bloganniv Décompte du nombre de jours avant et après la date anniversaire du blog
Browsing history Browsing history for public users
Carnaval This plugin allows to identify some comments and trackbacks.
categoriesMode Ajoute une page pour les catégories, leurs descriptions, les fils de syndications et un widget lien.
Cinecturlink 2 Widget about books, musics, films, blogs you are interest in
clean:config Delete blog and global settings
Clock Display the date of a time zone with the  strftime() format in a widget
ColorBox display blog images in modal box with jQuery  ColorBox effects
comListe Print the list of comments in a public page.
commentIpGeo Geolocalization of comment authors
commentNotifications Displays small bubble notification for new comments on a right of comments link in administration interface
Compatibility plugin for 2.1.6 Make your plugins and themes compatible with Dotclear 2.1.6
CompreSS Compress the CSS files of your themes
Configurateur du thème Mystique Ce plugin permet de configurer le thème Mystique :
Construction Put your blog in contruction
contact A contact form
Contact Me Add a contact form on your blog.
Contribute Allow visitors to write an entry for your blog
Copy An easy way to copy posts on your blog.
CountDown Countdown widget
Database spy Manage your dotclear database
dayMode Allows daily archives and provides an associated calendar widget.
DC1 Redirect Dotclear 1.x URLs redirection
dcCron Schedule any tasks
dcCVI Adds on the fly modifications to images.
dcDevKit Dotclear Developers kit for plugins and themes
dcFlickr dcFlickr helps you to add your Flickr photographs in Dotclear.
dcGeshi Color code in your blog different language.
dcLog Displays Dotclear logs
Dcom Lets you personalize the appearance of last comments widget.
dcOpenSearch Add an advanced search on your blog (posts, pages, comments, medias and other)
dcRevisions Allows entries's versionning
dcScrobbler Displays recently played tracks with
dctranslations Allows writing articles in several languages linked together, allowing readers to jump from one language to the other, while displaying a maximum of elements in each visitor's language.
dcWikipedia Search, find and link any word or expression on Wikipedia
defensio Provides a Defensio interface for Dotclear
Disclaimer Add a disclaimer to your blog entrance
DL Manager Download manager with a public page and a widget
dotAjax Ajax/JSON interface for Dotclear2
doTwit Ce plugin n'est plus supporté. Lecteur de Twits
Duplicate comment filter Antispam for duplicate comments on multiblog
editComment Let's your visitor and administrator to edit their comments directly in front side of your blog
efiMetadatas Show metadatas of first image of an entry
Email Notification Sends e-mail notification when new comment arrives on your blog.
Email Optionnel Makes the e-mail field optional for comments.
Empreinte Records and shows browser information of your commentators.
Enhance post content Add features to words in post content on public side
Entry information Displays all information about entry.
Entry information list List all information about an entry in a widget
entryCSS This plugin allows to personalize each entry or page with its own style-sheet.
EraseCache This clears the records of his choice in the caches templates, RSS feeds or other caches.
Event handler Manage events on your blog
eventdata Attach dates of events to your posts.
ExpAt Brings expression in template tag attributes
Expired entries Set entries offline at a given date
extended categories Allows to list and display categories with only contents other than post entries.
External Links Adds an icon nearby any link external to the blog, enabling to open that link in a new window.
External Media Anciennement distribué avec Dotclear, ce plugin permet d'automatiser le formatage de lien vers des services externes (càd Youtube, Viméo, et autres.)
External Search A widget to perform searches on the blog with external engines : Bing, Google and Yahoo!
fac Add external RSS/Atom feeds after entries content
Facebook librairies Facebook libraries for Dotclear's plugins
Fake Me Up This plugin enables to bypass dotclear update restrictions when some core files have been modified.
fakeMail Don't send real mails but log them to a simple file
FancyBox A fancybox style image viewer
Feed to image This plugin will output an image of the last 5 feeds on your blog, in your public directory.
Feedburner Displays your Feedburner counter and statistics
feedEntries Allows easy integration of feed entries into standard templates.
filesAlias Easy way to create alias of your blog's files
FLVPlayer Config Le FLV Player de neolao et fortement personnalisable, on peut pratiquement tous configurer.
Footnotes toolbar This plugin adds a button to the post edition toolbar to help create footnotes.
Foursquare libraries Foursquare libraries for Dotclear's plugins
Free chatbox A small chat box for your blog
Galaxy Manage easily your posts to planets.
Gallery Enables inclusion of image galleries in the blog
Google Tools Handles miscellaneous Google stuff: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools identification for now.
GoogleSpy Spy the google keywords which are search by your visitors and provides to your visitors some links to posts that seems to have a coherence with what they are looking for.
Hide Other Plugins This plugin is useful to take screenshots of your(s) plugin(s), it hides the other plugins from the administration menu.
Horn tweeter Send tweet automaticaliy on new entries, comments, etc...
HTTP Redirect Redirects posts to specified URL by "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP header.
httpPassword This plugin makes a blog being private.
hum - Hide useless messages Add ability to set comments as un/selected and hide/highlight them into public side
Hyphenator Hyphenator apply hyphenation on post-content
Identica libraries Identica libraries for Dotclear's plugins
Include Subcats Include subcategories in category.html and category feeds
Informations Informations about Dotclear and your system
Integrity Check Checks that all installed files have not been corrupted since installation. Only checks core dotclear files.
iPhoneView iPhoneView lets you display an iPhone version of your blog to specifics url (/iphone/). You can modify the design theme. Home, post, categories and tags pages are available. Visitor can disable mobile theme, normal theme will be displayed
Jabber Notifications Notifies user of new comments by Jabber message.
Javatars This plugin allows display of Javatars for comment authors (Jabber accounts can be entered in comment form).
Joliprint Add joliprint button to export post into PDF document
kezako Allows the inclusion of a description in many languages of tags, categories, etc.
kUtRL Use, create and share short url on your blog
Last blog update Show the dates of last updates of your blog in a widget
Last Post Images Display images from posts with different image sizes. Can be randomly chosen and/or filtered by category.
lastpostsExtend Widget like "lastposts" with more options.
LaTeXrender Allows rendering of some blocks by LaTeX
Le Plugin Du Jour Pour découvrir un nouveau plugin par jour.
License bootstrap Add license to your plugins and themes
Lightbox A lightbox style image viewer
Link Summarizer Extracts links from posts
Links shortener Short links for your blog
List images from entries Create new template tags to extract and display images from your blog posts in any of Entries loop.
Live Counter Counts number of connected visitors and prints their names.
Log 404 Errors Log and display 404 errors in your administration
Lunar phases Displays the moon phases
Markdown Syntax Write your posts in  Markdown syntax.
mediaSizeClass Add CSS classes in <img /> from your public folder.
MemCache Blog pages cache using memcached
meuh "My Entries URL historizer", keeps an history of entry URLs, prevents 404 errors when a post being linked has its URL changed
Micro-Blogging This plug-in allow you to use some micro-blogging services directly within Dotclear.
MiniToc All entries sort by categories.
Mobile Theme Switcher Display a different theme for visitors using a mobile device
moreTpl More template markers for your themes
Multi Blog Search Find all posts in all blogs
multiBlogFeeds Rss feed of all blogs (posts or comments)
Muppet Create and manage custom post types.
My blog numbers Show some figures of your blog
My Dashboard Add personalized links to the blog Dashboard This plugin is discontinued.
My favicon An easy way to add a  favicon to your blog.
My Meta User-defined metadata management in posts
My Meta Widget Displays your meta in a widget
My Pretty Admin By DA Customize your admin page by adding new CSS rules.
My URL handlers Change Dotclear URL handlers
myForms Create custom html forms
myGmaps Create Google Maps objects to include in maps associated to your posts
myLocation Display your current location
myPostCategoryIf Petit plugin permettant de tester sur plusieurs catégories dans le contexte post. Il met pour cela à disposition le tag de template de type block <tpl:MyPostCategoryIf></tpl:MyPostCategoryIf>.
New comments Display a box on the backend when new comments appear
New Navigation Links New navigation links widget, more tunable than the default widget
Newsletter Newsletter manager
Noodles Insert avatars everywhere on your blog
Not Evil Ads Enables visitors to disable ads on your blog.
Notifications Display few information about activity of your blog
Nouveau Favoris Permet de Créer de nouveau favoris à mettre sur votre tableau de bord.
oAuth manager oAuth librairies and management for Dotclear's plugins
ODT export This plugin lets visitors export a blog page or the home page as an  OpenDocument (ODT) file.
Offline mode This allows to take your blog "offline" with a dedicated page. A new template called offline.html is included.
OpenID This widget will allow visitors to identify through OpenID
OpenID Delegation This plugin lets you use your blog address as the OpenID username, delegating the
Options for comment Added some options on public comment form
pacKman Create packages for your plugins and themes
pageMaker Create pages for entries et comments lists
PayPal Buttons Add PayPal? buttons to your posts
Paypal donation Easily add PayPal? buttons to your blog
Periodical Automatically publish your posts at regular intervals
Piwik Web Analytics Piwik Web Analytics support plugin
Pixearch Search and insert pictures in your posts directly from FlickR, Photobucket, DevianArt? or Picassa.
Planet Turn your blog into a planet (aggregate feeds from other blogs).
Plugin Bootstrap Allows you to bootstrap the creation of plugins
Plugins Page List plugins on a public page
Podcast Feed (with iTunes support) This plugin adds a new feed dedicated to podcasting, with specific iTunes tags.
Polls factory Add polls to entries
Popularity Contest This plugin is discontinued. Participate to Dotclear Popularity Contest (
Post widget text Add a widget with a text related to an entry
Posts list options Add usefull options on admin posts list.
Pre2ol A small cosmetic plugin based on JavaScript? to transform preformatted text in ordered lists.
prevnext Navigation to the previous and next article that shares the same tag/category/language.
private categories prvcat allows setting categories as private. In admin area, we can set or or more categories as private, and associate them a password. When a post belongs to a private category, it is automatically password protected.
Private Mode You can set a password to your blog. A private.html page is served to visitors.
Public example An example plugin for the Dotclear documentation
Puny-friendly Makes Dotclear compatible with  IDN (Internationalized domain names).
Puzzle The plugin Puzzle to create a magazine layout with any theme.
QR code QRcode générator
QuickCat Enables to create a category on-the-fly, from post edit admin page.
Random Comment Displays random comments on your blog
Rate it Rating system for your posts
reCAPTCHA  reCAPTCHA spam filter. This plugin is discontinued.
Referer Display last and top referers comming on your blog
Related Links Add related links to a post. Related links are choosen from the edit page.
repriseCom Migrate comments of the plugin Gallery from DC1 to DC2 .
robotsTxt robots.txt file generator
saba Search Across Blog's Archive
sendToFriend Permet d'envoyer un mail avec un lien vers un billet
shareOn share buttons for social networks
shortArchives This widget creates an accordion menu of your archives, sorted by year.
Simply favicon Add favicons to your blog
Sitemaps XML Sitemaps
Smilies Editor A cool smilies manager for themes designers
Smilies Manager Manage and display your smilies
SMS Notification Enables to be notified by SMS when a new comment is published on the blog. Uses google calendar API to send SMS.
SnapMe This plugin allows your visitor to let a small picture of them directly on your blog. This plugin is fun and ease your contact with your visitors.
SocialLogin This plugin allows the visitors to log in through social services using openId and automatically fill the comment fields using.
soCialMe Share, read, write, link your blog to your social profils
SoCialMe services Add lots of services to plugin soCialMe
sofa Sort, order, filter all
Souvenir A widget which show a link to a previous post, e.g. one month ago, one year ago, etc.
Specifics Templates Adding some features to your Dotclear.
stacker Replace dynamically (server-side) part of the content of an article by something else.
Static Cache Improve your blog performances with a cache
Subscribe to comments Allow visitors to receive comments by email
Subscription Plugin to create new blogs and users on multi-blogs installation
Sup Sub Tags Add <sup> and <sub> tags to the post syntax, with clickable buttons
Super Admin Administrate the posts and comments of all the blogs
superUpdate Bypass checksum verification on Dotclear updates
switchWelcome Welcome your visitors by a personnal message and help them to navigate
Tables of content Displays entries grouped by categories / meta-tags / alphanumeric
TaC - Twitter Authentication Client Twitter client layer for Dotclear plugins
Tag Flash Adds an amazing tag cloud using a flash animation.
Task Manager Gérez vos listes de tâches!
templateWidget Define widgets using template file only
Templator Serve supplementary template for entries.
Textiles Syntax Write your posts in Textiles syntax.
Threaded comments View the comments as discussion threads.
Time Ago Enables to display entries and comments dates in a "twitter-like" way, such as "3 hours ago", "more than 1 year ago", ...
TinyMCE  TinyMCE editor for Dotclear 2. This plugin is discontinued.
Top writer Widgets to list users who write more posts or comments
translatedwidgets Modified version of the widgets plugin that can take into account language changes
Translater Translate your Dotclear plugins and themes
TSearch TSearch plugin (requires PostgreSQL)
Tumblr libraries Tumblr libraries for Dotclear's plugins
Tweak URLs Adds a setting to create post URLs in lowercase or without diacritics.
Tweet! Twitter widget based on jQuery script who provides users tweet, search results or lists timelines
Twitter libraries Twitter libraries for Dotclear's plugins
Twitter Trackback This plugin check posts referers and if it found a twitter or referrer, it adds it as a trackback.
Twitter Widget Display your last twitts in a widget
TwitterPost This plugin is not supported anymore. You can find  Twitter plugins at DotAddict Plugins.
Typographic replacements Typographic replacements in entries and comments.
Upload Updater Enables to update dotclear by uploading an archive. May be used for restricting hosting services, which may prevent dotclear auto-update mechanisms to work correctly.
Users Management In your multiblog, allow a blog's owner to add users and to manage theirs permissions on the current blog.
Versions Manager Update and delete plugins versions
Weather Display weather conditions in your sidebar
webOptimizer To help you optimize web rendering of your blog.
wFlickr wFlickr is a widget to display the last photos from your Flickr account.
WFWComment Adds support of the WFW Comment API.
Whitelist comments Whitelist for comment moderation
Widget Betaseries Displays the last activity on
Widgets to Template Get template code for your widgets
Wiki Tables Create XHTML <table>s in Wiki with Wikimedia syntax
Wiki Text Widget Text widget with wiki syntax
Wikio world Add buttons and widgets of Wikio
WikiRenderer Syntax Write your posts in WikiRenderer syntax.
Writers Allow an administrator to invite other users on their blog
xiti Add xiti to your blog
YAFR Yet Another Feed Reader
zoneclear feed server Mix your blog with a feeds planet


Ambulatilis Un thème pour mobile basé sur jQuery mobile
Bacon and Eggs (Needs refresh)
Balcony Thème illustré par Sophie Griotto
Boston A three-columns theme, classic and sober.
Coal Dust Single-column black/gray/gray theme.
Coquelicot A theme based on three columns Aorakits colors red, green, white by RenardBlanc?
corpoweeeb Thème supprimé
designPile A dark and clean theme adapted from Wordpress
Duo A two-columns black and white theme.
Flavin Minimalist configurable theme by Steven.
Freshy v2 Freshy 2 Theme by Julien de Luca; adapted from WordPress?.
Graylvetica A two-color (red and gray) Helvetica based theme.
Katzenjammer One column theme - Black and white with a touch of javascript.
Light Red A two-columns theme.
Meccano This theme introduces 2 more templates: _sidebar.html and _entry.html.
Noviny First Dotclear magazine-style theme.
Palette A minimal but customizable theme.
Papier Peint Configurable theme with wallpaper patterns, by Steven
Sterenn Sterenn is a two colomn theme based on the default Dotclear Theme. This theme is easy to customise and to adapt to your needs.
Theme Tango-styled Simple theme using the Tango project palette and the blueprint CSS framework.
Thème Mystique Thème Mystique, adapté de son homonyme Wordpress.
Vertigo Two-column black on white layout.
Walou-Walou A grid theme with a funny name.
Wanganui Another dark theme with fixed layout and left sidebar.
Warped Configurable theme, by Steven
Wellington A dark theme with a cool name

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