22:28 plugin/randomComment created by Tomtom33
New plugin randomComment, created by Tomtom33
22:28 Changeset [638] by Tomtom33
Added randomComment plugin - Version 1.0-RC1
22:26 plugin/lunarPhase created by Tomtom33
New plugin lunarPhase, created by Tomtom33
22:26 Changeset [637] by Tomtom33
Added lunarPhase plugin - Version 1.0-RC1
22:25 plugin/infoEntry created by Tomtom33
New plugin infoEntry, created by Tomtom33
22:25 Changeset [636] by Tomtom33
Added infoEntry plugin - Version 1.0-RC1
22:24 plugin/infoBlog created by Tomtom33
New plugin infoBlog, created by Tomtom33
22:24 Changeset [635] by Tomtom33
Added infoBlog plugin - Version 1.0-RC3
22:22 plugin/feedburner created by Tomtom33
New plugin feedburner, created by Tomtom33
22:21 Changeset [634] by Tomtom33
Add feedburner plugin - Version 1.0-RC1
20:55 plugin/atReply edited by Moe
added download link (diff)
19:52 theme/freshy2 created by bruno
New theme freshy2, created by bruno
19:51 Changeset [633] by bruno
Freshy 2
19:14 plugin/gallery edited by bruno
19:12 Changeset [632] by bruno
* Fixed php errors in theme adapter * Fixed widgets warnings
19:09 Changeset [631] by bruno
0.3.1 tag
19:06 Changeset [630] by bruno
js stuff
19:03 Changeset [629] by bruno
Onto 0.3.1 …
18:50 Changeset [628] by bruno
trunk & tag dirs for gallery
17:52 plugin/javatar/fr created by Osku
17:40 plugin/private created by Osku
New plugin private, created by Osku
17:33 plugin/pre2ol created by Osku
New plugin pre2ol, created by Osku
17:26 plugin/offline created by Osku
New plugin offline, created by Osku
17:18 plugin/javatar created by Osku
New plugin javatar, created by Osku
17:01 author/Osku created by Osku
16:59 plugin/carnaval created by Osku
New plugin carnaval, created by Osku
16:48 plugin/writers created by olivier
New plugin writers, created by olivier
16:42 plugin/weather created by olivier
New plugin weather, created by olivier
16:41 plugin/tsearch created by olivier
New plugin tsearch, created by olivier
16:08 Changeset [627] by Moe
@ Reply : back to 1.1.2 version, 1.2-alpha1 was wrong
15:41 Changeset [626] by Moe
Subscribe to comments 1.3-alpha1 : * added import and export behaviors * …
15:38 plugin/staticCache edited by olivier
15:36 plugin/staticCache created by olivier
New plugin staticCache, created by olivier
15:34 plugin/planet edited by olivier
15:23 plugin/planet created by olivier
New plugin planet, created by olivier
14:27 plugin/piwik created by olivier
New plugin piwik, created by olivier
14:21 plugin/lightbox created by olivier
New plugin lightbox, created by olivier
14:19 plugin/formatting-wikiRenderer edited by olivier
14:18 plugin/formatting-wikiRenderer created by olivier
New plugin formatting-wikiRenderer, created by olivier
14:16 plugin/formatting-textiles created by olivier
New plugin formatting-textiles, created by olivier
14:14 plugin/formatting-markdown created by olivier
New plugin formatting-markdown, created by olivier
14:11 plugin/emailNotification created by olivier
New plugin emailNotification, created by olivier
13:49 WikiStart edited by Moe
consistency with french homepage (diff)
13:40 Changeset [625] by olivier
formatting-markdown: new Markdown Extra version.
11:21 WikiStart/fr edited by Tomtom33
Ajout de la demande pour un thème (diff)
11:19 WikiStart edited by Tomtom33
Add theme request (diff)
08:10 Ticket #2 (Recherche multiblog) created by philippe
Ce serait bien de pouvoir proposer, côté public, une recherche sur tous …


20:54 plugin/arlequin/fr created by sacha
French translation
18:41 plugin/clock/fr edited by Moe
Oops, removed useless tag (diff)
18:31 plugin/clock/fr edited by Moe
ajout des images (diff)
18:28 plugin/gallery edited by bruno
18:28 plugin/gallery created by bruno
New plugin gallery, created by bruno
18:09 WikiStart edited by Tomtom33
17:59 WikiStart/fr edited by Tomtom33
Ajout de la section pour l'ajout d'un nouveau plugin (diff)
17:57 WikiStart edited by Tomtom33
17:56 WikiStart edited by Tomtom33
Add plugin request section (diff)
17:52 author/fr created by Tomtom33
Première version
17:51 plugin/clock/fr edited by Moe
s/acronyms/clock (diff)
17:50 plugin/clock/fr edited by Moe
préparation pour les images (diff)
17:50 author edited by Tomtom33
Forgot languages (diff)
17:49 author created by Tomtom33
First version
17:48 plugin/clock/fr created by Moe
Clock : page française créée
17:47 plugin/acronyms/fr edited by Moe
s/Autheur/Auteur (diff)
17:44 plugin/pluginBootstrap/fr edited by vincent
17:43 plugin/acronyms/fr edited by vincent
17:34 Changeset [624] by sacha
Added openid directory
17:33 plugin/typo edited by Tomtom33
17:25 plugin/pluginBootstrap/fr created by vincent
17:17 plugin/acronyms/fr created by vincent
17:12 plugin/authorMode edited by xave
17:09 plugin/authorMode created by xave
New plugin authorMode, created by xave
17:07 plugin/dcCVI created by xave
New plugin dcCVI, created by xave
17:00 author/xave created by xave
16:54 plugin/tweakurls created by xave
New plugin tweakurls, created by xave
16:52 plugin/pluginBootstrap created by vincent
New plugin pluginBootstrap, created by vincent
16:48 plugin/robotsTxt created by Chty
New plugin robotsTxt, created by Chty
16:46 plugin/contactMe created by olivier
New plugin contactMe, created by olivier
16:46 plugin/googleTools created by xave
New plugin googleTools, created by xave
16:44 plugin/acronyms created by vincent
New plugin acronyms, created by vincent
16:43 plugin/alias created by olivier
New plugin alias, created by olivier
15:53 WikiStart/fr edited by olivier
15:52 WikiStart edited by olivier
15:51 WikiStart edited by mitt
15:38 theme/noviny edited by olivier
15:21 theme/noviny/fr edited by olivier
15:14 WikiStart edited by olivier
14:58 WikiStart/fr edited by olivier
14:26 WikiStart/fr created by olivier
14:08 Changeset [623] by sacha
Fixed dcTheme::getOperator in contactMe module
11:21 theme/noviny edited by olivier
11:21 theme/noviny/fr created by olivier
10:39 WikiStart edited by olivier
10:25 WikiStart edited by sacha
09:06 author/franck edited by franck
09:04 author/franck edited by franck
08:28 plugin/typo edited by franck
Doc du plugin Typo (partie remplacements typographiques) (diff)
08:14 plugin/typo edited by franck
02:53 Changeset [622] by Moe
Clock 1.2.1 : * removed useless link in backend
02:35 plugin/widgetSouvenir created by Moe
New plugin widgetSouvenir, created by Moe
02:34 Changeset [621] by Moe
moved widget_souvenir to widgetSouvenir
02:29 plugin/subscribeToComments edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:28 plugin/subscribeToComments created by Moe
New plugin subscribeToComments, created by Moe
02:28 plugin/info edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:27 plugin/info created by Moe
New plugin info, created by Moe
02:27 plugin/dlManager edited by Moe
added (too small) icon + Tomtom ans osku as contributors (diff)
02:24 plugin/dlManager created by Moe
New plugin dlManager, created by Moe
02:24 plugin/contribute edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:24 plugin/contribute created by Moe
New plugin contribute, created by Moe
02:23 plugin/compress edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:22 plugin/compress created by Moe
New plugin compress, created by Moe
02:22 plugin/clock edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:21 plugin/clock created by Moe
New plugin clock, created by Moe
02:21 plugin/blocNotes edited by Moe
added icon (diff)
02:19 plugin/blocNotes created by Moe
New plugin blocNotes, created by Moe
02:17 plugin/atReply edited by Moe
added (too small) icon (diff)
02:15 plugin/atReply created by Moe
New plugin atReply, created by Moe
02:11 Changeset [620] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha6 : * added editable fields on the post edit page * …
00:39 Changeset [619] by sacha
retrocontrol plugin removed, will be perhaps back later
00:38 plugin/notEvilAds created by sacha
New plugin notEvilAds, created by sacha
00:36 plugin/myfavicon edited by sacha
icon bonus (diff)
00:35 plugin/myfavicon created by sacha
New plugin myfavicon, created by sacha
00:34 Changeset [618] by sacha
Added an icon for myfavicon module
00:31 plugin/livecounter created by sacha
New plugin livecounter, created by sacha
00:30 plugin/jabberNotifications edited by sacha
icon bonus (diff)
00:28 plugin/jabberNotifications created by sacha
New plugin jabberNotifications, created by sacha
00:25 plugin/httpredirect created by sacha
New plugin httpredirect, created by sacha
00:23 plugin/empreinte edited by sacha
icon bonus (diff)
00:22 plugin/empreinte created by sacha
New plugin empreinte, created by sacha
00:20 plugin/emailOptionnel created by sacha
New plugin emailOptionnel, created by sacha
00:18 Changeset [617] by sacha
dcpoll plugin deleted, because it's not developed any more
00:14 plugin/dcom created by sacha
New plugin dcom, created by sacha
00:08 plugin/arlequin edited by sacha
icon bonus (diff)
00:06 plugin/punyFriendly edited by sacha
icon bonus (diff)


23:59 plugin/punyFriendly edited by sacha
English translation (diff)
23:56 author/Tomtom33 created by Tomtom33
This is my page!
23:56 plugin/arlequin created by sacha
New plugin arlequin, created by sacha
23:54 theme/vertigo edited by olivier
23:54 Changeset [616] by sacha
remotelatex plugin delted. It will be replaced very soon.
23:53 theme/graylvetica edited by olivier
23:53 theme/coalDust edited by olivier
23:52 theme/noviny edited by olivier
23:51 Changeset [615] by sacha
removed showip plugin
23:49 author/olivier created by olivier
23:46 author/sacha created by sacha
23:43 plugin/punyFriendly created by sacha
New plugin punyFriendly, created by sacha
23:39 theme/noviny created by olivier
New theme noviny, created by olivier
23:38 author/franck created by franck
23:38 plugin/typo created by franck
New plugin typo, created by franck
23:37 theme/vertigo created by olivier
New theme vertigo, created by olivier
23:36 theme/coalDust created by olivier
New theme coalDust, created by olivier
23:19 theme/graylvetica created by olivier
New theme graylvetica, created by olivier
23:02 Changeset [1] by olivier
22:32 WikiProcessors edited by trac
22:32 TracSearch edited by trac
22:32 WikiFormatting edited by trac
22:32 TracRss edited by trac
22:32 TracIni edited by trac
22:32 TracCgi edited by trac
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22:32 TracSyntaxColoring edited by trac
22:32 TracPlugins edited by trac
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22:32 TracWorkflow created by trac
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22:32 TracReports edited by trac


21:50 WikiStart edited by sacha


17:44 Changeset [614] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha5 : * added spam trap (it's a trap !) * fixed bug with …
15:09 WikiStart edited by olivier


22:10 Changeset [613] by vincent
pluginBootstrap : tagging 0.1
22:01 Changeset [612] by vincent
new plugin : pluginBootstrap


11:42 Changeset [611] by Osku
Private : almost final shot :)
02:22 Changeset [610] by Moe
CompreSS 1.1.2 : * improved help display * improved $core->blog->settings …
02:08 Changeset [609] by Moe
@ Reply 1.2-alpha1 : * need more tests …
02:06 Changeset [608] by Moe
Subscribe to comments 1.2.6-beta2 (thanks to brol) : * added note about …
02:02 Changeset [607] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha4.1 : * fixed bug with missing My Meta plugin


19:36 Changeset [606] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha4 : * oops, forgot the localization file
19:24 Changeset [605] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha4 : * added setting to display only selected My Meta …
13:14 WikiStart edited by olivier
01:29 WikiStart edited by olivier


00:30 Changeset [604] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha3 : * added setting to remove excerpt from form * …


18:59 Changeset [603] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha2 * added "Your informations" before Nickname, email …
18:00 Changeset [602] by Moe
Contribute 1.0-alpha2 : * added ability to use alternatives formats (XHTML …


18:59 Changeset [601] by Moe
Souvenir : oops, forgot main.po file
18:51 Changeset [600] by Moe
Subscribe to comments 1.2.6-beta1 : * moved default settings to a …
18:48 Changeset [599] by Moe
DL Manager 1.0.1 : * fixed bug with text files greater than 1 Mb


22:50 Changeset [598] by vincent
suppression car double emploi avec


18:42 WikiStart edited by sacha
18:32 WikiStart edited by sacha
Page d'accueil (diff)


20:36 Changeset [597] by bestofrisk
01:12 Changeset [596] by vincent
01:09 Changeset [595] by vincent
settings + public page


21:48 Changeset [594] by vincent
acronyms : tagging 0.5
21:47 Changeset [593] by vincent
acronyms 0.5 : added toolbar buton
18:42 WikiStart edited by test
18:02 WikiProcessors created by trac
18:02 TracSearch created by trac
18:02 WikiFormatting created by trac
18:02 TracRss created by trac
18:02 TracIni created by trac
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18:02 InterWiki created by trac
18:02 InterTrac created by trac
18:02 TracLinks created by trac
18:02 TracGuide created by trac
18:02 SandBox created by trac
18:02 TracAdmin created by trac
18:02 TracInterfaceCustomization created by trac
18:02 TracRevisionLog created by trac
18:02 TracStandalone created by trac
18:02 InterMapTxt created by trac
18:02 TracSupport created by trac
18:02 TracTickets created by trac
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18:02 TracRoadmap created by trac
18:02 RecentChanges created by trac
18:02 TracNotification created by trac
18:02 TracModPython created by trac
18:02 TracReports created by trac
14:51 Changeset [592] by vincent
tagging blogrollpage 0.1
14:50 Changeset [591] by vincent
blogrollpage first commit


22:01 Changeset [590] by oum2013
1.1.6 : * only super-admin can access auto Backup * add About * locales …
21:26 Changeset [589] by oum2013
* first cleanup * add license file and update license blocks * applied …
21:07 Changeset [588] by oum2013
20:53 Changeset [587] by oum2013
2.0 ready for DotAddict?.org
20:46 Changeset [586] by oum2013
autoBackup, an orphan plugin created by K-net, includes a small fix by …
19:13 Changeset [585] by vincent
tagging 0.2
19:12 Changeset [584] by vincent
- permission - validation XHTML
14:14 Changeset [583] by vincent
first acronyms commit
00:09 Changeset [30] by olivier
Updated Steven's themes screenshots.


23:18 Changeset [29] by olivier
New theme: Graylvetica


21:32 Changeset [582] by Moe
Added Tribune Libre 2.5.2, from
14:26 Changeset [581] by oum2013
14:11 Changeset [580] by oum2013
* version 1 was for DC1, this should be version 2 * 2.0 release candidate …
14:03 Changeset [579] by oum2013
* added some short help content * changed license blocs * minor locales …
04:46 Changeset [28] by olivier
Coal Dust and Vertigo license blocks update.
02:47 Changeset [27] by olivier
coalDust and vertigo screenshots.
01:29 Changeset [26] by olivier
RSD URL in Vertigo.
00:53 Changeset [25] by olivier
Two new themes: Coal Dust and Vertigo


16:15 Changeset [268] by xave
changed name & description.


18:19 Changeset [578] by Moe
Informations 1.4.1 : * fixed bug with unescaped characters with MySQL and …
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