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Priority: normal Component: plugin:openid
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hg clone dotclear fichier ~/.hgrc : class yumDcAuth extends dcAuth { #angosso protected $allow_pass_change = false; } public function checkUser($user_id, $pwd=null, $user_key=null)


#angosson if ($pwd == ) {

return parent::checkUser($user_id,null,$user_key);



# We start a transaction and open a cursor on Dotclear user # table to create or modify the user. $this->con->begin(); $cur = $this->con->openCursor($this->user_table);

# We call the password verification method. # In case of error the process stops and raises an exception. $client = new xmlrpcClient(''); $info = $client->query('auth.login',$user_id,$pwd);

# We define the password, it is inserted in any case. $cur->user_pwd = $pwd;

# If the user exists, we'll simply update his password # in Dotclear user table. if ($this->core->userExists($user_id)) {

$this->sudo(array($this->core,'updUser'),$user_id,$cur); $this->con->commit();


# angosson does not exist, create him. # To allow him to connect, need to give him at least the # "usage" permission on the "default" blog. else {

$cur->user_id = $infologin?; $cur->user_email = $infoemail?; $cur->user_name = $infoname?; $cur->user_firstname = $infofirstname?; $cur->user_lang = $infolang? ? $infolang? : 'en'; $cur->user_tz = 'Europe/Paris?'; $cur->user_default_blog = 'default';

$this->sudo(array($this->core,'addUser'),$cur); $this->sudo(array($this->core,'setUserBlogPermissions'),




# angosso # parent method to initialize the user in $core->auth object. return parent::checkUser($user_id,$pwd);

} catch (Exception $e) {

# In case of error, we cancel the transaction and return "false". $this->con->rollback(); return false;




$autoloadyumDcAuth? = dirname(FILE).'/class.auth.php'; define('DC_AUTH_CLASS','yumDcAuth'); [hostfingerprints] = 8a:6f:c2:b8:47:2f:9a:c9:56:c5:a8:d3:61:6a:eb:64:17:59:39:78 = 8a:6f:c2:b8:47:2f:9a:c9:56:c5:a8:d3:61:6a:eb:64:17:59:39:78


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