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#370 Planet needs updates for DC HEAD new olivier defect high plugin:planet
#389 Typo: s/exists/exist/ new RenardBlanc defect high theme:coquelicot
#390 Typo: s/exists/exist/ new olivier defect high theme:noviny
#506 autoBackup incompatible with 2.2 new defect high plugin:autoBackup
#507 googleTools incompatible with 2.2 new xave defect high plugin:googleTools
#366 Add option to link back to original posts new olivier enhancement normal plugin:planet
#495 Markdown plugin truncates posts new olivier defect normal plugin:formatting-markdown
#510 Clair de Lune 2.0 broken under DC 2.2 new Philippe defect normal request:theme
#672 Several blacklist characters don't work new xave defect normal plugin:tweakurls
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