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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Component Priority
#115 Permettre aux plugins d'enregistrer leurs propres widgets new Oaz enhancement plugin:templateWidget high
#146 Configuration du plugin new peck enhancement plugin:webOptimizer high
#152 php safe_mode and send mail new olivier defect plugin:tsearch high
#253 dctribune : Ajouter la compatibilité Coincoin new Osku enhancement plugin:dctribune high
#351 Permettre de choisir les blogs new johan enhancement plugin:multiBlogFeeds high
#370 Planet needs updates for DC HEAD new olivier defect plugin:planet high
#389 Typo: s/exists/exist/ new RenardBlanc defect theme:coquelicot high
#390 Typo: s/exists/exist/ new olivier defect theme:noviny high
#475 Widgets non affichés avec dc 2.2 beta new Oaz defect plugin:templateWidget high
#506 autoBackup incompatible with 2.2 new defect plugin:autoBackup high
#507 googleTools incompatible with 2.2 new xave defect plugin:googleTools high
#573 Bug avec les catégories new JcDenis defect plugin:tweakurls high
#604 [Tribune libre] Déplacer l'appel au JS vers publicFooterContent assigned Osku defect plugin:dctribune high
#624 timeAgo : feignasse compliancy new bruno enhancement plugin:timeago high
#644 Bug dans le message envoyé new brol defect plugin:sendToFriend high
#653 smiliesEditor : alléger la barre d'outils new Osku enhancement plugin:smiliesEditor high
#767 prvcat updated to work in dc 2.8 ! new arno enhancement plugin:prvcat high
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