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[Plugin Tweet!] V. 0.7 : ajout de quelques options supplémentaires, dont le nom complet de l’auteur des messages et la possibilité de passer la date en pied de message.

4     array('tweetWidgets','initWidgets'));
6class tweetWidgets
8     public static function initWidgets(&$w)
9     {
10          $w->create('Tweet','Tweet!',
11               array('publicTweet','divTweet'));
13          $w->Tweet->setting('title',__('Title'),'Tweet!');
14          $w->Tweet->setting('divClass',__('Div’s class (needed to display several widgets with different contents):'),'tweet');
15          $w->Tweet->setting('queryType',__('Query type:'),null,'combo',array(__('user(s)') => 'users', __('list') => 'list', __('search') => 'search'),1);
16          $w->Tweet->setting('queryValue',__('– user(s): Users names or IDs, comma separated').'<br />'.__('– list: name or ID of the list owner').'<br />'.__('– search: search string'),'seaofclouds');
17          $w->Tweet->setting('list',__('If list, list name:'),'');
18          $w->Tweet->setting('count',__('Tweets to display (1 to 100):'),'3','text');
19          $w->Tweet->setting('avatarSize',__('Avatar size (void not to display avatars, 48 max):'),'30','text');
20          $w->Tweet->setting('avatarAlt',__('Avatar hover text (title and alt attribute):'),'%u','text');
21          $w->Tweet->setting('defaultText',__('Default introducing text (%u will display user’s name, %U will display user’s full name):'),__('I said'));
22          $w->Tweet->setting('replyText',__('Reply text intro:'),__('I replied to'));
23          $w->Tweet->setting('lessMin',__('More recent than a minute:'),__('less than a minute ago'));
24          $w->Tweet->setting('oneMin',__('Between one and two minutes:'),__('about a minute ago'));
25          $w->Tweet->setting('nMins',__('Between two minutes and one hour:'),__('%t minutes ago'));
26          $w->Tweet->setting('oneHour',__('Between one and two hours:'),__('about an hour ago'));
27          $w->Tweet->setting('nHours',__('Less than a day old:'),__('about %t hours ago'));
28          $w->Tweet->setting('oneDay',__('Between 24 and 48 hours old:'),__('1 day ago'));
29          $w->Tweet->setting('nDays',__('More than two days old:'),__('%t days ago'));
30          $w->Tweet->setting('dateAfter',__('Put date after tweet'),0,'check');
31          $w->Tweet->setting('homeonly',__('Home page only'),1,'check');
32     }
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