source: plugins/dcCVI/locales/fr/main.po @ 1645

Revision 1645, 451 bytes checked in by kozlika, 14 years ago (diff)

typo et conversion UTF-8 de ce fichier

[1645]1msgid ""
2msgstr "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
[1645]4#: plugins/dcCVI//_admin.php:34
5msgid "Enable CVI"
6msgstr "Activer les effets CVI"
[1645]8#: plugins/dcCVI//_admin.php:34
9msgid "CVI effect"
10msgstr "effet CVI"
[1645]12#: plugins/dcCVI//_install.php:91
13msgid "js subdirectory is not writable. Please download the files manually."
14msgstr "Le sous-répertoire js n'est pas accessible en écriture. Vous devez télécharger les fichiers manuellement."
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